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Liberation Academy

This year, Millicent will be involved in a learning group called Liberation Academy. Liberation Academy is “an educational training, enrichment and healing program meant to cultivate the next generation of decolonized mental health professionals of color. The vision of the academy is to bolster a transformative movement within the field of mental health. Participants will receive political education, training on various forms of holistic healing, and a peer group of social-justice-oriented practitioners of color from around the country”. The program topics Millicent will participate in this year are as follows:

Decolonized Mental Health, Rekindling Relationship w/ Plants, Mindfulness and Liberation, Altered Consciousness States, Sacred Sexuality & Unleashing Erotic Power, Divination & Energy Ritual, Evolutionary Astrology, Honoring Death Ceremony, Womb Wellness & Sacred Moon Cycles, and Sustainability for Politicized Healers.

To learn more:

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