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If you are a graduate student in the MEd or PhD Counseling Psychology Program at the University of Louisville, it is likely that you will cross paths with me in courses related to counseling theories, techniques, or assessment. I am also a licensed psychologist in the state of Kentucky with a health service provider designation. I often engage in clinical work and supervision as well. 



I have theoretical models of learning and clinical supervision that inform my work. In addition to these models, I strive for equity, collaboration, transparency, and feedback to be represented in the foundation of these learning and wellness spaces.
Want to chat more about what this looks like? Stop by during my office hours and let's discuss!


I participated in a thought-provoking seminar on teaching. In this seminar, we had to select a photo of a bridge that represented our current teaching experience. While the meaning I derive from this photo has shifted over time, I strive to approach my teaching process using elements that initially resonated with me: stable foundation, creative, and resourceful.


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